Types of questions you can answer using the Muppix Toolkit :

Find out how many products you sold in the last month - which products are giving you largest profit margins. detailed information on all your products
Who are your biggest customers
Predictions of sales - Data Analysis can help all departments of your business - understanding the importance of coherent data sets
Instant Custom Relation Management - automatically updated by the most recent documents on the company's network
Extract websites - easily research information from the net, refining the results and display into useable tables/spreadsheet 
Stripping duplicates - Organizing data - representing in databases, spreadsheets.
Extract information from huge data , loosely held in ordinary files
Search hidden files, Find files saved somewhere in the last 2 minutes ( "I've just downloaded a file, I have no idea where it went on my PC" )
Extracting all emails from our entire Clients Projects directory
Search computer programmes: Find which variable/field is actually being used run each transformation  in our code/programmes

 (Help the Ordering process by seeing what gets sold most- Where to place products in shop or website - on order of popularity -

standardize, validate, de-duplicate and cleanse inconsistent or redundant data.

monitor and analyze the performance of data integration processes.

data integration – Data can be extracted from multiple sources, including big data and traditional data stores, integrated together and then flowed directly into reports,

supports the entire big data lifecycle.

 the solution supports all popular big data stores, as well as traditional relational data sources

                                        Data Science & Analytic Services

Muppix Consultancy have extensive Data Mining experience at Blue Chip clients,  offering total solutions by using Logical Data Modeling,  Advanced Data Mining and Business Analysis especially in the Investment Banking Sector.

Most of the worlds' data is unstructured and therefore cannot easily connect with other data. 

Extracting coherent information from unstructured data is clearly a skill that every consultant & business manager needs.

We're Passionate about helping you understand, manage and derive value from your huge unstructured data